About Us

The Davenport Group began as a GIS and municipal consulting firm in 1996. As we continued working closer with local governments, we recognized a gap that needed to be filled. That gap was quality software that could make the lives of our customers and their co-workers easier. In 2004 our LAMA software was born. As we grew, our client base grew, as well as their needs. With the release of the LAMA Suite in 2008, we had developed a highly customized and feature- rich program which could integrate with almost all aspects of local government.

LAMA has adapted over the years and continues to. We are always developing new features and expanding what the suite can provide for our clients. During these last ten years, we have continuously added clients – some big, some small – and staff.

We are proud that every professional we have added to our staff is still with our team, and every client we have ever put on LAMA is still using the program and on annual maintenance. To us that speaks wonders for our staff, our software and our services. We have had great success so far and hope to continue on that path.

The Davenport Group is recognized as both ESRI and Microsoft Business Partners and Developers (1996, 2004). Today we can say with pride that LAMA is a state of the art, highly configurable, GIS-based, .NET-based, SQL server-based program. We are recognized in our field for providing a level of service that is unprecedented in the marketplace. With all that said, we are a fun bunch of developers and experts in our respective fields, and would welcome the opportunity to share our ideas with you.

Andrew (AJ) Plumlee

Mobile Team Lead

With his roots in croquet championships in the Pacific Northwest, AJ comes to The Group with a strong background in local government and served as our on-site support person for our City of New Orleans project. A Ruby programmer, AJ was the lead developer on our Android App.

Ben Davenport

Development Division Chief

Ben, holder of the one ring and self-proclaimed billard champion. A graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he holds many Microsoft certifications and has worked in GIS and IT for local governments. Ben has served as the lead developer of our LAMA program.

Jerry Davenport

Operations Division Chief

With a strong background in city planning, law and business, Jerry is the founder of The Davenport Group and co-founder to Davenport Group USA. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Planning School and Law School) and holds an AICP certification.

Drew Davenport

Production Team Lead

Drew is an IT graduate from Missouri University of Science & Technology. He comes to us with a strong background in Oracle and SQL Server and is one of our core programmers. Drew keeps us all structured and on-task!

Fred Mutter

Customer Account Manager

Fred is a seasoned, technical support person and comes to us with a strong project management background. A graduate of Colorado State University, Fred knows bugs! When clients have problems, they ask for Fred by name.

Jane Parkhouse

Customer Account Manager

When Jane is not directing, editing, producing or starring in training videos, she is actively supporting our entire team and clients. Jane has created over 100 training videos and is author of our 300+ page training manual and materials. She loves “GISing” (base maps and utilities).