Government Software Made Smarter

Below you will find a brief description of some of the solutions available in the LAMA suite. We cannot attempt to supply every detail of LAMA but we can supply greater details upon request. If you want to see more after reading the information provided, feel free to request more information.


Our Permitting software module addresses every aspect of managing and tracking building permits, plan review and inspections. The integrated GIS allows users to quickly identify all permits for an address or parcel. Users can calculate complex permit fees, keep track of bonds, manage comments, check the status of contractors, and conduct inspections.

  • Create and edit permits through a user-friendly interface.
  • Clone existing permits for quick and effective permit creation.
  • Keep track of all information related to a permit, such as construction costs, square feet, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • Refine information collected for each permit type for faster data entry.
  • Customize data points for permits; create drop-downs, radio buttons, etc.
  • Track all the changes on every permit (who, what, when).
  • Verify assigned contractors meet the permit's requirement automatically.
  • Set up system notifications making sure not a moment is wasted.
  • Generate certifcates and print reports with the click of a button.

Inspection and Mobile Access

The software suite provides integrated inspections management. Quickly schedule and complete inspections for building permits. Enforce inspection sequencing, reinspection fees, email inspection reports, and configure checklists. Provide real-time access of data in the field for inspectors.

  • Easily track inspection dates and times.
  • Create inspection dependencies to better manage your workflows.
  • Quickly schedule inspections and assign an inspector.
  • Set reminders for upcoming inspections.
  • Take detailed notes, and track failed inspection items all before leaving the site.
  • Assign default inspectors for certain areas based on your GIS.
  • Apply sections from your adopted local and international codes.
  • Easily schedule a reinspection.
  • Access all your inspection history from one place.

Electronic Plan Review

Allow developers, contractors, and homeowners to submit plans electronically with their permit and development applications. Our software enables the electronic mark-up of submitted plans and management of the correction and resubmittal process.

  • Associate contractors with a permit; have LAMA automatically check for the status of licenses, insurance, etc., and warn or prevent the use of a contractor if any of the items are not current.
  • Get a notification that a review is due.
  • Keep track of reviews; require reviewers in other departments to make comments in staff review and post a status for the review.
  • Keep permit issuing authority from issuing a permit when a reviewer has indicated a status of denied.
  • Convert comments to conditions; add conditions to a permit.
  • As a reviewer, use a template for applying comments to a review.
  • Edit the template responses, and add new comments to the template or the individual permit.
  • Generate a letter with review comments to the applicant.
  • Collaborate without any wasted paper.

Planning and Development Review Projects

LAMA’s Planning, Projects and Development Review module is valued for its ability to organize the submission and review of complex information and processes. Projects can be routed through staff reviews, resubmittals, and meetings. Generate agendas, share submitted plans, and follow project conditions through the permitting phase.

  • Step through a user-friendly wizard to create a new planning case or add and edit an existing one.
  • Create a new project or case by cloning an existing one.
  • See only the details specific to a selected case.
  • Add new details to a project or case; create drop-downs, radio buttons, etc.
  • Track bonds, requests for draw-downs and actions taken.
  • Generate fees associated with details, such as the cost of the improvements, intensity of the development, etc.
  • Process fees with simple or complex calculations or algorithms.
  • Keep track of all the necessary information related to a project or case, such as number of land uses, gross floor area, setbacks, etc.
  • Calculate Impact projections, such as required parking spaces, average daily trips, number of school children, etc.

Code Enforcement

LAMA’s Code Enforcement module is straight-forward and easy to use. Track cases from the complaint to resolution (abatement with work orders, or adjudication). Inspectors can use mobile devices in the field to take and attach photos and print notices.

  • Use a wizard to create a new code incident.
  • Without leaving the wizard, schedule an inspection.
  • If it was inspected and a violation exists, go straight to creating a violation.
  • Select one or more violations from a classification tree, or enter a word or phrase and let LAMA find any applicable ordinance provisions.
  • Select the violation, and let LAMA suggest a fact pattern incorporating that violation.
  • Edit and save the fact pattern, or create your own and add it to LAMA.
  • Apply violations from the International Property Maintenance Code.
  • Use violations from your local code (property maintenance, nuisance, garbage pickup, junk and debris, animals, vegetation and weeds).
  • Define a default date or schedule a specific time for a reinspection.

Work Orders

Our Work Orders, Infrastructure and Asset Management module has recently been redesigned to meet the ever growing challenges of municipalities, both large and small. The system is user-friendly with a customizable interface. Our work wizards and dialog boxes will step you through the process, allowing you to keep your projects and service calls organized better than ever before. LAMA’s Work Orders module integrates your infrastructure, asset management, and inventory, while documenting tasks, completed actions, materials used, labor and much more.

  • Find work orders quickly with GIS.
  • Associate work orders with streetlights, hydrants, water lines, other infrastructure.
  • Create a work order request as a location on the map.
  • Schedule a work order on LAMA's integrated calendar.
  • Track work order history.
  • Prepare a GASB report.
  • Assign a task to a person or crew even if they are already out in the field.
  • Track phone conversations, emails, and communications all from one place.
  • Edit attributes of infrastructure such as depth of a manhole, hydrant type, year of installation, etc.


The Licensing module is a dynamic, comprehensive and innovative management system for all types of licenses, registrations, certifications and operational permits. This powerful module manages rental housing, health department permits and inspections (food and restaurants), fire department related licensing, liquor licenses and special events type permits (parades, fireworks). Annual inspections, as well as fees and payments, are automatically tracked in LAMA. And because LAMA is a GIS-based program, the user can associate a license or registration to a parcel or an address, as well as a person, business or vehicle. LAMA’s licensing module empowers the user with one-click renewals.

  • Track licensing applications, inspections and reviews.
  • Record and track requirements, such as insurance, bonds, certifications.
  • Create complex queries to facilitate forms and reports.
  • Associate documents with a license.
  • Schedule and assign annual inspections.
  • Update licensing data from state or regional databases.
  • Use enhanced workflow wizards to make the process user-friendly.
  • Easily renew expired licenses, collect renewal fees, track renewal data.
  • Configure different expiration dates and active time lengths.