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The LAMA Solution Framework leverages the latest technologies in software innovation.   Our solution is comprised of a SQL Server database, an ASP.NET Web Application, Mobile Applications, REST and SOAP Web Services and APIs, and a desktop client for optimal user experience and performance.  The solution integrates with major server technologies and applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, ArcGIS Server, and online cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure.  The Davenport Group is both Microsoft and ESRI Business Partners.  Our staff hold many prestigious programming and IT certifications from both Microsoft and Oracle. 

Our firm prides itself on our friendly, “can-do” attitude and quality service.  We will go “the extra thousand miles” to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your product, and that you feel you are using the best product available in the marketplace at any price. 

We are a privately-owned company with a wide range of clients.  Our LAMA software is in municipalities in 27 states and Canada.  All our LAMA clients are active. Three-fourths have at least three modules, which typically include Permitting and Inspections, Planning, Projects and Development Review and Code Enforcement with Adjudication.  Many have our Public Web and Mobility for inspectors in the field.  Almost every municipality that we have placed on the system is still using it. 

Our software solution provides a GIS-based comprehensive land management package encompassing functionality for all your County departmental needs.  In addition, the same software used in the office can switch to Mobile Mode and be taken in the field for mobile data entry on tablets or laptops.  On the other hand, we have a terrific mobile tablet/phone app that most of our clients use.  Our solution also has a web-services layer, allowing “live editing” of data anywhere an internet connection is available, whether in the field or at offsite locations. 

The Davenport Group supports both client and cloud-hosted solution environments. 

Other amenities of LAMA Server include: 

  • Exhaustive search function, allowing the user to search by any parameter, including ones created by them 

  • Multi-layer security, enabling administrator-defined user groups to access documents and participate in review processes as appropriate 

  • Custom form and report design 

  • Tracking of time spent by developers and the County on each project 

  • Project-specific document libraries 

  • Ability to track contractors’ licenses and view every project a contractor has ever worked on 

  • Ability to link to external business partners such as State Department of Public Safety or data from County Assessor, as needed 

  • Cashiering element enabling fee calculation, reporting and updating 

  • Integrated credit card processing and online payments through public web CRM 

  • Ability to interface with other programs, such as accounting software, document management software, etc. 

Interfacing with existing programs and handling data migration and conversion are two of our key strengths. We are capable of handling virtually every existing database format, including Access, dBase, DB2, SQL, Informix, and Oracle. We perform our digital data migration by writing a stand-alone application that maps data from the external program to our program.  We can run our migration program at any time in the process. Future updating of Addresses, Parcels, Ownership, Tenancy, and other GIS information all will be automated through our software, allowing the County to update these directly from outside sources whenever new data is received.   

Our software’s superb reporting capabilities will significantly improve the County’s efficiency in meeting annual and monthly reporting needs. LAMA Server has a flexible, user-friendly reporting function that allows both standard and custom reports. Reports also can be programmed to auto-generate on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis as needed. 

In many respects LAMA offers many of the features found in other GIS-based solutions directed at addressing the needs of Permitting, Code Enforcement, Planning, and Public Works functions in local government.  However, LAMA sets itself apart from other programs in several ways: 

  • The raw speed with which LAMA can search GIS layers on addresses or parcels, enter and modify information in individual records, etc.    

  • The extent of its integration with GIS:  impact fees can be calculated from values in GIS layers; different standards of review can be applied based on proximity to streams, wetlands and other natural resource constraints; inspections can be assigned to inspectors based on service territories, etc. 

  • The “event driven” structure of the Planning and Permitting modules.  Our event scheduler will map a critical path for review.  That path can be modified by the user when workflows change.  It can be automatically recalculated when applicants fail to deliver resubmissions on time.  LAMA will calculate time in the hands of the City versus the developer.  

  • The robustness of its Notifications and Messaging elements.  Nearly 100 events can be programmed by the user to create Notifications. 

  • The capabilities of our Development Review process, including mark-up and integration with Bluebeam. 

  • The extent to which we have avoided significant data entry while in mobile mode through preloaded fact patterns and code provisions that can be used and modified in Code Enforcement and Permitting. 

  • Our ability to address ancillary programs, such as a Rental Housing (Cedar Falls), Adjudication (Gurnee), Redevelopment (Philadelphia), Condemnation (New Orleans). 

  • The integration of Google and Microsoft Outlook calendar with LAMA’s calendar. 

  • The extent to which the program can be configured by the user.  LAMA is unique in the degree to which the user can modify the program to address changes in the workflow, the addition of new case types, etc. 

  • The openness of its architecture. 

  • Its “modernity.”  LAMA is GIS-based, .NET-based, with SQL Server databases. 

The Davenport Group sets itself above the pack in several ways: 

  • Our commitment to service.  Calls for service can be routed by the client to our Help Desk or our Technical Staff.  All calls are addressed immediately.   

  • The extent to which we have modified our program to address the needs of our clients.  Our clients have told us the kinds of new features they want (e.g., a drill-down that will pop-up a tree with every permit, incident, plan, document, and piece of data related to a parcel in the system), and we have delivered new program elements (housing inspection forms) and revised designs (work orders) in amazingly short times. 

  • Our maintenance program which includes product upgrades, free phone support, monthly web demos on new functionality and special topics, report design and one and one-half days on-site training per year. 

  • Our qualifications:  Microsoft business partner and developer; ESRI business partner and developer (24 years); extensive experience and knowledge in local government planning, permitting, code enforcement, and computer services. 

  • The solidity and stability of our program. 

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