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Bettendorf, IA goes live with LAMA

Residents of Bettendorf, IA are now enjoying the many benefits of their city’s selection of The Davenport Group’s LAMA software for their administrative processes. Located on the Mississippi River, Bettendorf is part of the Quad Cities metropolitan area; about 35,000 of the area’s 400,000 residents call Bettendorf home.

With a residential growth rate above seven percent, contracting with The Davenport Group (TDG) for LAMA software will allow the city’s permitting, development, and inspections staff to meet the community’s needs much more easily. As a customized software solution, LAMA is uniquely flexible to adapt to existing governmental processes while facilitating streamlined operations as needed.

Aerial photo by Doc Searls, courtesy Wikimedia Commons; licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Aerial photo of the Quad Cities. Bettendorf lies on the northern bank of the Mississippi River (top).

“It’s clear that the employees at the City of Bettendorf are committed to their citizenry and believe in accountability,” noted TDG President Jerry Davenport. “The fact that our own company’s staff is highly responsive and accountable to our clients made this partnership an especially great fit.”

With a wide variety of modules, LAMA software comprehensively addresses municipal asset management needs. Bettendorf is now using LAMA to support their permitting, planning, licensing, and code compliance function.  In addition to the public citizen portal and mobile app, LAMA allows the city to support both residents and businesses with TDG’s state-of-the-art, user-friendly software.

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