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Brentwood, TN Online On LAMA!

The City of Brentwood Planning and Codes Department is now using a new GIS-based integrated local government software solution called “LAMA”, which is an acronym for LAnd MAnagement. The Davenport Group offers the software suite which includes online permitting, licensing, planning, and code enforcement programs as well as a citizen portal, for a total first year implementation/start-up cost that was half of the cost of the former software system, TrakIT, which had been used by staff for the past seventeen years.

One of the oldest operating broadcast towers in the United States and the tallest when built, the 808-foot-high WSM Broadcast Tower was erected in 1932. It was originally 878 feet tall, but its height was reduced in 1939. The tower was commissioned by WSM-AM (which stands for We Shield Millions), a Nashville radio channel famous for originating the Grand Ole Opry in 1925. In 1931 the station was federally designated as one of fourteen national clear channels and was thus granted the ability to reach forty states and transmit at full power at night. The wide dissemination of the Grand Ole Opry helped cement Nashville’s reputation as America's "country music capital,” and WSM’s broadcasts brought news and public-service programming to millions of rural American families. A replica of the distinctive WSM tower crowns the concrete rotunda of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  - Credit:
Brentwood, TN Home to the Grand Ole Opry Radio Tower

The effort to migrate to a new software began with the desire to enhance the services offered to city customers. Brentwood Planning and Codes Director, Jeff Dobson said, “it was important that the new system provide online permitting and electronic plan submittal and review. With the implementation of electronic plan review, the amount of paper flowing through our offices will be greatly reduced.” Additionally, Dobson said the new software will streamline the permitting and inspection processes and now include online credit card payments.

The citizen portal provides applicants the ability to track the progress of their plan/permit review from initial submittal to final inspection. Dobson said an interactive citizen portal was a must-have on their list. “Staff spent a great deal of time researching program alternatives, meeting with consultants, and attending web demonstrations used to design the scope of the project. It was decided that the LAMA suite of modules best fit the City’s established permitting process,” Dobson said.

This new system will also help with the current social distancing plans in place due to COVID-19. “LAMA is enabling our employees to work remotely in order to maintain productivity and provide for continuous applications,” Dobson said. There are several ways to enable remote work by using our system. By allowing residents to apply for permits from home or on their smart phones, we eliminate unnecessary in-person contact. Staff and inspectors can use online workspaces to view and complete reviews and inspections over home internet. Staff can then complete inspections in the field and upload photos without meeting other staff and while maintaining distance from the public. Dobson said, “The LAMA App allows inspectors to create smart routes for inspections, and view violations and permits in their area through an interactive map.”

A training session with the building community is planned later this fall. Builders and contractors will learn an overview of the software, how to use it, and its best features. For now, training materials including web-based videos and “how to” brochures, which are intended to provide citizens and builders with information regarding the various aspects of obtaining a building permit are available on the City’s Planning and Codes website here.

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