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Campbell County Goes Live with LAMA

On January 26, 2015 Campbell County, located in the northeast corner of Wyoming, became the latest municipality to join the LAMA fold. With the implementation of LAMA to manage their permitting, planning and code enforcement responsibilities, the County now has a state-of-the-art solution that will grow with them as they experience expansive growth related to the energy industry. The implementation of LAMA’s Mobility Module is key to the County’s ability to efficiently manage their departmental resources as the demand on those resources continues to grow. The flexibility inherent in LAMA allowed The Davenport Group to configure the LAMA software to mimic the County’s existing workflow, including the look and feel of their current forms and reports. That same flexibility in configuration allows the LAMA software to adapt with the County as it grows into the 21st century.

With a population approaching 50,000 Campbell County has two incorporated communities within its boundaries. The City of Gillette is the county seat and has often been referred to as the Energy Capital of the Nation. With 12 active coal mines in the County supplying more coal for electricity generation than any other county in the nation, we can understand where its nickname comes from. The Town of Wright is the other incorporated community in Campbell County. Wright has been a planned community from its beginnings in the late 70’s. Even before The Atlantic Richfield Company or ARCO opened the Black Thunder Coal Mine, the company had been studying city planning issues with the goal of providing a place to live for the influx of workers it expected when the mine opened. Thus, the community of Wright was born. Wright gains its name from the landowner who sold the land to ARCO so they could create the planned community that they had envisioned. Wright was incorporated as the Town of Wright in 1985.

A strong growth rate since the decade of the 70s has presented Campbell County with unique challenges. Stepping up to meet the challenges of life is nothing new to the folks that live here. With the decision to implement LAMA from The Davenport Group, the County has positioned themselves to not only be able to meet these challenges but to master them well into the coming decades.

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