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City of Salina adopts LAMA

The City of Salina, KS goes live with LAMA this week, bringing more convenience in their permitting processes to community members as well as city staff. The trade center of north central Kansas, Salina is home to approximately 50,000 people.

In addition to permitting, Salina has contracted with The Davenport Group (TDG) to provide software for planning, licensing, and code compliance. The solution includes both the LAMA Mobile App and the public web citizen portal.  “We appreciate that this is a hard-working community that needs their city services to function smoothly and efficiently,” said Jerry Davenport, TDG president. “It’s a pleasure to work with the city’s employees to find ways the software can streamline their processes while adapting to the existing structure.”

The customization of LAMA to each client’s pre-existing procedures allows the software to be implemeted with minimal disruption to the city’s workflow, while its adaptability and forward-thinking design support innovation where possible and desirable.

Multiple colleges and universities are located in the city, which is situated in one of the world’s largest wheat-producing regions. Salina also offers a number of cultural attractions, including community theatres, art centers, and museums.

Photo by Aaron Headly, via Wikimedia Commons. Public domain.

Grain silos in Salina, which is the trade center for one of the world’s largest wheat-producing agricultural areas.

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