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Columbia, TN Launches LAMA

In April 2019, the City of Columbia launched The Davenport Group’s LAMA software to support their permitting, planning, and code compliance functions. “As a smaller community, one of our goals in the selection process was that we did not want to be just another number in the client list,” said Development Services Director Paul Keltner. “Davenport Group has more than exceeded our expectations in that every item of significance to us carries that same level of importance to them.”

Columbia is the ancestral home of the 11th U.S. President James K. Polk.

Strategically located within the rapidly expanding South Central Tennessee region – and the nearby Nashville Metro Area, Columbia’s prime location serves as a regional hub for new business, commercial and residential development alike. A bustling historic downtown business district further compliments Columbia’s new and growing retail development.

To better facilitate Columbia’s internal and external stakeholders, the public web portal and LAMA mobile app has provided a central, flexible portal to access information on applications, payments, and inspection scheduling. Mr. Keltner also noted that Development Services is a more efficient and informed group, aided by LAMA’s capabilities to tie historical data for all properties in Columbia from multiple divisions within their workflows.

“Development Services staff was very knowledgeable on their City processes and needs of the community which made for a smooth LAMA software implementation,” said Molly Booth, Project Manager.

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