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LAMA + Social Distancing

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

In these trying days with the coronavirus changing the way we do business, the Davenport Group has options for minimizing public contact.

Many jurisdictions that use LAMA are enabling employees to work remotely in order to maintain productivity, increase connectivity, and provide for continuous applications regardless of the endpoint. We also are seeing clients reach out with interest in cloud hosting the LAMA software. There are several ways to enable remote work and minimize using our system.

  • Remote Online Workspaces – The “OneStop” or “onlama” application can be used by staff and inspectors to view and complete reviews and inspections over home internet. We will guide you through the process of establishing staff user accounts and provide training help.

  • Full LAMA Access from Home – Cloud-based (SaaS) clients are able to  use the full functionality of LAMA remotely by visiting There is a convenient “Download Client” link in the upper right of the screen.

  • Inspections without Office Attendance– LAMA MIA is our iPhone and Android Application that allows inspectors to view their assigned inspections, complete them in the field, and upload photos without coming into contact with other staff and while maintaining a safe distance from the public.

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