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New Lenox Manages Development Process with LAMA Solution

New Lenox, Illinois is located 36 miles southwest of Chicago.  The population in 2010 was 24,394 and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning predicts that the population will increase to 90,652 in 2030.  This rapid growth, coupled with a stabilizing economy, has led to a significant increase in development in New Lenox.  2012 saw an 87% increase in residential development from 2011 and several major commercial projects were completed the same year.  In response to the growth, the Village established a new Community Development Department in 2012 to coordinate their services more efficiently.

Since the new Community Development Department consolidated the Building, Economic Development, Engineering, and Planning departments, it made sense for the Village to adopt LAMA Server, a software suite from the Davenport Group that allows municipalities to manage and integrate services across all departments.  New Lenox officially started using the LAMA Work Order, Licensing, and Permitting modules in September of 2012.  Not only does LAMA provide an easy solution to integrate town processes but it incorporates ESRI ArcGIS technology so town officials can track and manage their data by location.  New Lenox also chose LAMA because of its highly customizable forms and reports.  Thanks to LAMA they are now able to easily adapt to changes in reporting requirements for the Illinois City/County Management Association.

On June 24, 2013 the New Lenox Village Board of Trustees approved the adoption of the Route 30 Corridor plan.  The Corridor is home to several commercial districts and it connects downtown New Lenox to Interstate 80.  The project should drastically improve the appearance and functionality of Corridor which in turn will increase the Village’s appeal.  Since the project has raised the already high estimates for development in 2014, the Village of New Lenox has decided to implement the LAMA Planning Module to help deal with the increase in projects reviewed by the Sketch Plan Committee, Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Village Board.  With the LAMA Planning Module New Lenox will be able to:

  1. Integrate Planning Processes with Other Departments

  2. Collect and Report on Planning Data

  3. Manage Board Agendas and Meeting Dates

  4. Manage Project Workflow

  5. File Documents

  6. Manage Fees and Payments

  7. Generate Notices and Notifications

LAMA provides New Lenox the flexibility they need to encourage growth and future success.  It makes it easy for them to incorporate the latest software technologies and ensure that their processes are as accurate and efficient as possible.  To find out more about LAMA, please visit the Davenport Group website.

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