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River Forest Running on LAMA

April 19, 2021 brought major change to River Forest, IL's Village Hall when Planning, Building, Engineering, Fire Prevention, Police Events, and Business Licensing began using LAMA (LAnd MAnagement) software to track and report on their daily duties.

The stained glass pattern pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural contributions to several River Forest buildings.
A park-side light box in River Forest

River Forest was the Davenport Group's 5th successful on-time and on-budget LAMA implementation during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Other pandemic implementations included Brentwood, TN, Canton, GA, Florence, SC and Berkeley County, WV.)

Being a architecturally diverse suburb of Chicago, The Village of River Forest is a popular filming destination for TV shows and movies. We particularly enjoyed working with Sgt. Martin Grill of the Village's Police Department to customize online applications and workflows for production logistics for filming and for special events in the village more convenient for organizers and production assistants.

River Forest is home to around 11,000 residents and two universities with a relatively small 2.5 sq. mi. footprint. In order to handle fluctuations in permit application and inspection volume, portions of these services are contracted to third parties. This makes River Forest a great example of a LAMA client who uses our robust remote reviewer and inspection application flexibility for third parties.,_Illinois
Frank Lloyd Wright's River Forest Tennis Club building

It was a pleasure to work incredible, multi-hat wearing Lisa Scheiner who sat as Acting Village Administrator and Planning Director during this project. Jon Pape and Sara Phyfer lead the project team on the Village's side and were exceptionally responsive coordinators who made sure staff subject matter experts were consulted frequently. A recount of this project would not be complete without also calling out the Engineer and emerging Super User of LAMA in River Forest, Jeff Loster! (Keep setting up those email notifications, Jeff!)

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