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The Davenport Group welcomes Adelynn Khoo

The Davenport Group (TDG) welcomes our newest team member, Adelynn Khoo, to our Colorado Springs office. A graduate of Colorado College, Adelynn has joined our software development department, and is busy learning TDG’s complex behind-the-scenes processes.

“LAMA is a robust software solution with a lot of modules, and it’s important that our developers understand the intricacies of municipal procedures and processes,” said Ben Davenport, lead developer of LAMA. “So there’s a steep learning curve for our new hires, but Adelynn has jumped into training with notable aptitude.”

As her training progresses, Adelynn’s responsibilities will increase to include working with new and existing clients to customize the software to their evolving needs.

“I really appreciate how supportive the team environment is at The Davenport Group,” Adelynn noted. “Everyone works together closely to respond quickly to the clients. Plus, the software is comprehensive but still streamlined, and I’m looking forward to helping to take it into the next stages of its development.”

In addition to her coding skills, Adelynn is fluent in Mandarin and French. In her free time she enjoys traveling, as well as spending time exploring the beautiful landscapes of Colorado.


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